Facial Rejuvenation Workshops

Facial Rejuvenation Workshops

Get your friends together for a fun gathering centered around self care. This is a privately scheduled workshop for an intimate group to learn facial rejuvenation techniques that will enhance your skincare routine. Learning facial techniques with friends is a wonderful way to celebrate birthdays, bridal showers, bonding among co-workers or teams or a reunion. Celebrate your beautiful friends, because they're a reflection of YOU.

You will learn facial gua sha, facial cupping and rolling. These techniques improve the complexion and skin texture as well as lift, sculpt and reduce fine lines. Each participant will receive a jade gua sha tool, choice of crystal roller and a facial cup set. Contact me directly to set up a date (only avail on on a Thursday, Saturday or Sunday.) This booking requires full payment for all attendees, no refunds. Groups of 3-5 people.

$75/person at my location in Soho. Past attendees can attend or host for $20 (bring your own tools). If you would like to bring this workshop to your location please reach out via email to discuss availability and pricing.

**Full Payment is required within 24 hrs of receiving your invoice in order to hold the date of your booking. After 24 hours your booking request will be cancelled.