Black Friday: De-stress and Digest Nov 23

It's Black Friday. 

OPEN TO ALL. Following the Day of Mourning, (Thanks-taking aka Thanksgiving) this is traditionally a time of frenzy. To prepare us for the coming madness of the holiday season, let's get together for some community healing. Whether you ate too much, drank too much or had to be around someone who was too much -this is for YOU. Small groups will sit together for some ear acupuncture. I will be offering a protocol to help digest, detox and de-stress! Digestive herbal decoctions or tea pills are included if you choose.

For Womyn of Color: 12:15-1:15pm

For ALL: 1:30-2pm, 2:15-2:45 pm

$20/person. Please RSVP your to hold your spot. Payment via CC or venmo @emily-siy

Signing a waiver is required to attend

Things to keep in mind:

*If it is your first time receiving acupuncture or you tend to get dizzy or feel light-headed please be sure to have eaten beforehand. I suggest a light snack and advise you not to come on an empty stomach.

* You must remain seated during the acupuncture, you will be in a chair, please make sure that this will be comfortable for you before signing up.

*This treatment does not require any special clothing, the acupuncture is only in your ears so just make sure I can have access to your ears but pinning or moving hair out of the way. Most earrings do not typically interfere.

*Many people like to attend with a friend! That’s awesome! I really encourage this, however since each circle is for 5 people, just make sure you sign up in advance and only sign up if you’re sure you can attend.