Frequently Asked Questions


What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture together with Moxibustion is one of the four pillars of Chinese Medicine. It is the insertion of very fine needles through your skin at strategic points on the body in order to balance or restore the flow of Qi, energy and/or circulation to a particular area or along an acupuncture channel or meridian.


The four pillars of Chinese Medicine are 1- Acupuncture and Moxibustion. 2- Diet, Nutrition and Chinese Herbal Therapy. 3- Tui na which includes massage, acupressure and bone-setting. 4- Qi Gong which can be physical practices, postures or exercises as well as meditation techniques.

What is moxibustion?

Moxibustion therapy is often used along with acupuncture treatments. It is an herb also known as Ai Ye or Mugwort that is prepared and burned along acupuncture points or other areas of the body in order create heat or increased circulation. It can be used to warm a cold or stagnant area or to better activate acupuncture points.

What can acupuncture treat?

Common conditions acupuncture can help with: lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, any chronic or acute pains and injuries, arthritis, sinus congestion, auto immune disorders, depression, anxiety, stress management, headaches or migraines, menstrual disorders, fertility challenges, endometriosis, dental pain, dry eyes, allergies, cold and flu prevention, insomnia, fatigue, circulation issues, post stroke, acid reflux, bloating, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, spinal fusion, asthma and the list can go on. If you would like to talk about it more, please feel free to contact me directly!


What does it feel like? does it hurt?

You will feel a tiny prick at first and then the insertion of the needle. Some normal sensations you may experience: muscle twitch, electrical sensation down a limb, heavy achy feeling, throbbing, static, warmth or itchiness. It is common to feel more sensitive in some places more than others. Some of these sensations may change, persist or go away. If it feels uncomfortable to you, just let me know and we can adjust or figure out a way to work around it. You want to rest comfortably once you are in treatment. For some people it may hurt at first but you will learn more about how your body reads different sensations as part of your experience. Please remember that feeling sensations is not only an important part of healing your body but it is normal.


What should I expect for my first treatment?

For your first acupuncture treatment, please allow for 90 min as we will spend a bit of time discussing your chief complaint as well as your health history. Afterwards we will discuss a treatment plan going forward and you will receive your first acupuncture treatment. The amount of time you will rest with acupuncture is anywhere between 30-45 min. During this time you will be left to lay comfortably and rest. I will come check on you periodically to insure you are still comfortable. Many people fall asleep or get very relaxed. You might receive acupuncture on your hands, feet, ears or head as well as in the areas you are feeling pain. You can bring comfortable clothes to rest in if you like. I also have towels available for you to use.


I am no longer accepting insurance. I do however take HSA and FSA cards. I did try the insurance billing route in order to serve my patients better, however it ultimately caused me more unnecessary labor and in some cases unpaid patient bills. I do not believe in allowing establishments (insurance companies) who do not know or understand acupuncture to be allowed to dictate this much of the acupuncture industry. This is an ancient form of medicine and should not be appropriated. It is important to keep the gifts of this medicine in the right hands. Additionally, the way insurance companies (and pharma) control how Western Medicine is practiced, is one of the major reasons why people have begun to mistrust it. Let’s not make the same mistakes!

How much DOES IT COST?

Please check specific service pages for more details on individual pricing. All prices listed for services are in USD.

How many sessions will I need?

The course of treatment will vary from person to person. You should consider how long you have had your current condition and the severity of it to get an estimate of how many treatments you will need. I take into consideration not only your condition but also your lifestyle and unique constitution. Most patients begin with 5-10 sessions. Many patients come weekly or monthly for general wellness and prevention. Medicine is meant to treat you over time. We can discuss together the most appropriate treatment plan for you. Frequency and consistency can help you resolves your concerns in a more timely manner.

Are you open on weekends? What are your hours?

I take appointments on most Saturdays but please book ahead of time. My hours are: Monday 10am-6pm, Tue/Wed/Fri 10-7, Saturday 9-2. No appointments on Thur or Sun. Please be considerate of the 24 hour cancellation policy.

Where is your location?

I am located in Chinatown/Soho. I run my business out of the Heaven Spa on 126 Lafayette St, 2nd floor. When coming here, please be considerate of the surrounding community and their culture. If you need elevator access you can enter at 128 Lafayette St, buzzer 2A. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor and find the door bell as you exit the elevator on the upper right hand side. If you need wheel chair access please let me know ahead of time.

Do you have online booking? How do I make an appointment?

I currently do not have online booking -I want to keep my business as human as possible for as long as I can. to make an appointment just text (845-428-9168) or email me. Please include your first and last name, phone # and email address and let me know the days/times that work best for you. You can also give me a call but you may have to wait for me to call back if I am not able to answer the call. When and if I implement online booking it will mean that I will be strict on cancellations and appointment time changes.

Can I purchase sessions for myself or a friend online?

Yes you can purchase your single sessions HERE. Please contact me to make an appointment! If your purchase is for a friend please kindly send me an email to let me know. Facial appointments require a screening call and cannot be purchased online.

What is your cancellation AND LATENESS POLICY?

As a courtesy please try to give 48 hr notice when changing your appointment time. The cancellation policy is 24 hrs. You will be charged for the full amount if you late cancel or no show. Please understand that I strongly dislike charging you for this, however I am a solo-preneur running a heart-centered business. An important aspect of what I want patients to learn and understand as part of their healing is that you are a part of something bigger. You are a part of a community. When you take a time slot up and do not give notice, you are taking away potential healing time and energy from others. I hold space for you. You can easily cancel 24hrs ahead by sending a text, email or give a call/leave a message. We want to consciously consider how we take up space, energy and resources in life. I understand that emergencies happen and I want to hold space for you in those cases too. As a courtesy from me, if you can reschedule your appointment within the same day there is no cancellation charge -however this is not guaranteed that there are appointment times available and we all have to be reasonable.

As far as lateness, please arrive as soon as you can and I will always try my best to accommodate you. Appointment times will end on time. Add-ons may not be available when you are more than 10 min late.


I hold a monthly Facial Rejuvenation Workshop for womxn in which I teach participants how to use jade rollers, facial gua sha and cupping tools. These techniques are a great way to add value to your current skincare routines and products. Please check my events page for the next class! A facial tool kit is included in the cost of the class. If you would like to purchase the tools without attending the class please feel free to purchase HERE or reach out via email-but note that I do not ship my items so you can pick up at your next acupuncture visit or arrange for a time to pick up from me directly. If you are not a womxn and want to learn, please consider setting up a private workshop among a small group of your friends with me!


I use EVER skincare products in my facial rejuvenation workshops. I have had such a good experience using this line for the past 3 years. I do however strongly encourage those who have are easily affected by experimenting with other products to bring their own products to the class. Some of the products are available for purchase in the workshop or feel free to purchase online if you enjoyed them: EVER SKINCARE

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