Emily Grace Acupuncture Mission


New Yorkers are really, really busy people. Really. Getting ahead of ourselves and forgetting about self-care easily becomes our MO. But showing up for self-care isn’t as hard as we might think. Stepping into an acupuncture session is a great way to hit the pause button on your hectic life and actually check in with yourself. Acupuncture allows for your mind and body to catch up with each other, which will in turn enable your nervous system to go into a repair state. It is hard for your body to heal when you’re running around the city creating the New York life you crave while trying to catch subways, get to work or to your side hustle, make it to networking or apartment-hunting meetings, and keep up with social media and your favorite events and other happenings around town. Acupuncture’s major function is boosting your immune system, your natural ability not only to heal but also to thrive as YOU and all that you can be and do.

At Emily Grace Acupuncture busy New Yorkers are invited to restore and recharge and, in the long-term, adopt a mindset of mindful self-care. I apply the teachings of Chinese Medicine to help you become aware of your daily routines and how they may impact your current and future health. This is an important part of preventing illness and maintaining your overall well-being, which is critical to making life in New York not only possible but also exciting. Through acupuncture, I encourage you to consider the larger picture of your wellness to help inform your life choices and help create a routine practice of intentional self-care.


Healing is a process. Our bodies have stories. I am here to guide you through yours.