Ear Seeds


Ear Seeds are acupressure ear beads (seeds) that are applied to acupuncture points on the ear. In Chinese Medicine, the entire body can be mapped onto the ear, which translates to every part of the body and every organ corresponding to acupuncture points on different parts of the ear. Ear Seeds can be used to extend or maintain the effects of acupuncture between sessions.

Applied via an adhesive to acupuncture points that address the concerns you are experiencing, Ear Seeds are easily peeled off by the patient after three to five days. During that period, for additional effect, the patient can apply pressure to the ear seeds.

This treatment is highly recommended for those dealing with stress, anxiety, smoking cessation or digestive upset. Ear Seeds can also take the edge off various pain conditions.

Add-on to acupuncture session - FREE
Ear seed application - $20
DIY crystal ear seed kit - $48