Experience Emily Grace Acupuncture


Each and every day, I’m inspired and motivated by the people I meet in New York City. We are a city of 8 million stories and billions of dreams. If you didn’t start with your roots in the concrete like I did, maybe what drew you to New York were the career opportunities, the diversity, or the excitement. Ours is a city in which both work (multiple jobs, for many) and social life are demanding. We work very hard to create and sustain our lives — and our lifestyles become about saving time: rushing from Point A to Point B, attending as many events or happenings as we can, grabbing take-out on the go or ordering in delivery, eating while multi-tasking (even working), and sacrificing sleep.

At first, the little signals we receive from our body that we’re pushing too hard might not demand our full attention: maybe it’s some soreness or stiffness of the neck, maybe it’s feeling bloated after eating. But those signals can be (or become) more compelling: you realize you’re feeling more easily aggravated or on edge. The frustration — that you can’t get to yoga class in time or that you can’t focus on the course in meditation and you can’t even commit to your meditation app — starts getting to you. A morning run is great, but your snooze button is precious and running doesn’t seem to help you feel better the way it used to. Perpetually not being able to check off the items on your to-do list and feeling like you can’t access the energy you need to get the things that you want done make you feel like you’re just not 100%. And there’s only so many juice detoxes that you can realistically stomach — plus, they don’t give you a sustained sense of well-being.

What you need is acupuncture.


In your first visit to Emily Grace Acupuncture, we will examine the nuances of your health history, your current health condition, and your lifestyle. We will explore how all of these relate to how you are feeling.

You’ll lay down, close your eyes, and get to PAUSE.

During that pause, you can connect to yourself, and you can choose to sort out the ideas and thoughts that come up or you can choose to just let them go. Meanwhile, the science and art of acupuncture encourage your body and energy to do the rest. You wake up from your acupuncture nap almost as if you’ve had a full night’s sleep! You are refreshed, revitalized, and ready to reconnect with the motivation and inspiration with which New York once fueled you.

Depending on your consultation, you may be advised to return at certain intervals in order to continue the healing and/or to stay connected to your wellness.

My patients look forward to coming back, because they recognize the restorative self-care that acupuncture gives them.