Private Facial Rejuvenation Parties

Facial Rejuvenation Parties for you and your besties

Get your friends together for a fun gathering. Birthday, bridal shower, reunion, co-workers or just gathering your favorite people together just because.

This class is for besties coming together to learn facial rejuvenation techniques to incorporate into your skin care routine. Learning how to make a self care ritual for yourself and among your friends is a great reason to get together. Celebrate your beautiful friends, because they're a reflection of YOU. You will learn facial gua sha, facial cupping and rolling. Each participant will receive a skin care tool kit. Contact me directly to set up a date. This booking requires full payment for all attendees, no refunds. Groups of 3-5 people.

Past attendees can attend or host for $20 (bring your own tools).

$75/person at my location in Soho.